Enjoy Spring!

Limited Edition Prints - Out now!  Available on INSPIKED.COM

A childrens picture book I Illustrated OWEN AND THE OLD TORTOISE. Available on Amazon!

A wallpaper I designed for the swedish wallpaper company PHOTOWALL. Available online now!

I am very pleased to be Featured in LÜRZERS ARCHIEVE  "200 best Illustrators" this year!

I enjoyed designing these fine labels to go with a fine SCHNAPPS!


I am happy to be Featured in FREISTIL - Das Buch der Illustratoren.

Illustration Spread for the Lifestyle magazine WIENERIN.


A cover spread I enjoyed doing for WOMAN VIVA, Lifestyle Magazine on Biorythms.


I am very pleased to be featured in NOVUM magazin as well as having one of my illustrations on the Cover!

A spread I illustrated for the lifestyle magzine MISS. Incase you are wondering the topic was combining exersise and Love!

A feature in the PAGE magazine! Does the creative process call for procrastination?

Illustrations for the MOTTO summer party. What a fabulous coulorful event it was!

Illustrations for the AUGARTEN. A Cafe Resteraunt at a beautiful and historical location in vienna.


Illustrations for the annual issue of BÖG food&Wine Magazine.

Illustrations for MAXIMA, Womens Lifestlyle Magazine "Play with me!"